Directions to our Relaxed Office in Battle Ground

11200 NE Gren Fels Drive

Battle Ground, WA 98604


Google Maps Directions:

There is no left-hand turn lane headed North on the Lewisville Highway from Battle Ground’s main street to turn on to NE Gren Fels Drive. We advise clients to drive past the road and make a U-Turn in a designated left-turn lane on the second left turn after you pass NE Gren Fels. I have provided a few visual land markers for your convenience.

Marker #1: Approaching NE Gren Fels Drive in 500 Feet

Marker #2: You have reached NE Gren Fels Drive

Take the second left after passing NE Gren Fels Drive in the designated left turn late shown below.

Watch for the 10-mile marker as the road sign is hidden and take a right onto NE Gren Fels Drive



Follow the road down to 11200 NE Gren Fels Drive. You will turn into the gate and parking is available indicated in pink on the map. The parking area has been filled with gravel.