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We offer a personalized financial website for all of our clients to simplify your finances by consolidating all of your financial accounts and important information in one place. Our Gateway NW Planning Portal allows you to organize your finances and monitor the progress of your financial goals 24/7. 

The Gateway NW Planning Portal acts as a shared planning workspace that allows advisors and clients to share and update information 24/7. The client portal is part of our advanced planning software through eMoney, one of the leading providers of financial planning software in the industry. This software is top of the line and is packed full of tools and features. We recommend that all of our clients register for online access and at least become familiar with the unlimited cloud storage feature to share and review financial documents with your advisor. 


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Website Features


Simplify your finances by consolidating all of your financial accounts and important information.

Document Vault

Unlimited secure electronic storage to keep your important documents safe and accessible.

Budgeting Tool

Track spending habits and monitor cash flow to stay on track to reach your savings goals.

Goal Planning

Set and monitor your goals with our interactive workshops.


Aggregate financial accounts from outside institutions  and 24/7 access to customized planning reports.


Access to your financial website on the go.




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